Rules & Regulation


1     The Chorus shall be known as ‘FASCINATING RHYTHM’.

2     We are affiliated with the Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers (LABBS) and for LABBS purposes the club name  shall be ‘COTSWOLD LADIES BARBERSHOP CHORUS’.

3     The club will embrace the LABBS code of ethics.

4     Our regular activities will include weekly training rehearsals, sing-outs to public and charity audiences and competition at local and national level. Statements regarding the agreed policy with regard to absences from rehearsal are attached at Annex A.

5     The Club shall be non-profit making and shall not permit the introduction of political, religious or similarly controversial issues into its affairs.

6     The Club will be run by a Committee, which will comprise: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Wardrobe Representative, Membership Secretary and Public Relations Officer.  All the forgoing Committee Members shall have equal voting rights with all matters on behalf of the Club.

7     A Club member may only hold one of the above offices during one year.

8     A Music Team and a Show Team both led by the Musical Director shall run all matters concerning Music, Education and Shows respectively.

9     Each of the Officers on the Committee, with the exception of the Musical Director, shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.  The Committee appoints the Musical Director who then holds that position until such time that either party wish to terminate the appointment, as detailed in the MD’s contract.

10     The Committee shall have the power to co-opt members whenever necessary.  Co-opted members shall be allowed to vote at appropriate times, subject to the Chairman’s discretion.

11     The quorum of the Committee shall consist of at least two-thirds of the relevant members.

12     In the event of a tied vote, the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote

13     General matters of financial control shall be the responsibility of the Committee.  It is imperative that no person incurs any expenses to the Club without consent of the Committee.  An independent body will be appointed by the committee to check the accounts.

14     All statements to the press or the media should be made through the offices of the P.R.O.

15     All music performed by Fascinating Rhythm shall have previously been sanctioned by the copyright holders.

16     All uniforms and music issued by the Club to members shall remain Club property and will be returned promptly in the event of a member leaving.

17     All engagements and enquiries for sing-outs shall be under the control of the Engagement Secretary, for ratification by the Musical Director.

18     No member shall commit the Club to a course of action without the consent of the Committee.

19     An Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) is to be held, normally during the third week in January each year.  In addition, an Extraordinary General Meeting (E.G.M.) can be called at any time by the Committee or by a petition from one-fifth of the membership, provided that a written notice of the agenda is issued at least fourteen days prior to the proposed meeting.  A quorum for any A.G.M. or any E.G.M. shall comprise at least 51% of the membership.  Voting will only be allowed for those who are paid up members of the club.  Those not attending will be deemed to have agreed with the majority vote, subject to Rule 21.

20     Any alteration to the Rules may be made at an A.G.M. or E.G.M. and may only be approved by a two-thirds majority of those present.

21     Provided prior written apology for absence has been tendered, members shall have the right to postal voting at the A.G.M. or any E.G.M., provided the votes are in the possession of the Secretary at the time of the meeting.

22     Independently checked accounts of all the Club’s financial activities shall be submitted to the A.G.M for the financial year, April – March.

23     Items for inclusion on the agenda for the A.G.M. must be given to the Secretary at least twenty-eight days before the date of meeting, and the agenda is to be published at least fourteen days before the date of the meeting.  Nominations correctly proposed and seconded can be received up to the start of the meeting.  In the absence of a nomination for a specified position, proposals to fill the vacancy can be accepted until a member is elected.

24     The proposed rate of subscription (which includes LABBS payment) shall be agreed by the membership at the A.G.M.  Members have the option to pay monthly or quarterly by standing order and notice will be given when this is due. All members shall contribute their dues by the appropriate dates.

25     Subscriptions are to be paid throughout the year, regardless of any sabbatical, at the discretion of the committee. Should any member request a sabbatical they must inform the Chorus Manager and Chairman in writing of their intentions.

26     A copy of the Club Rules shall be supplied to each new member on payment of the initial subscription fee.

27     Full, Associate, Honorary or Life Membership shall be restricted to females, except in the case of a male Music Director, who will automatically qualify as a full member during the period of their appointment.

28     Details of any major decisions made for or by the Club or its officers shall be recorded, showing the outcome of relevant voting etc. and saved for future reference.

29     The members shall make no dispersion of the Club funds without the express authority of the Committee.

30     Dissolution – In the event of the Club ceasing to exist, the Treasurer shall realise the assets and pay all liabilities. Disposal of any balance will be in accordance with the agreed decisions of the Club members.

31     Any matter not covered by these Rules shall be determined by the Club membership.

Annex A

Statements re: absences

For members who wish to take planned time off during the ‘hot spot’ which is the 6 weeks prior to Convention.

32     Following the completion of the questionnaire by 97% of our members, it is now a chorus expectation that members will not take any planned time off during the ‘hot spot’ in the run up to LABBS Convention.  We understand that events may occur which will prevent members attending a rehearsal such as illness, family or last minute work commitments.  If this should happen it will be the responsibility of that member to ensure that they are fully up to speed with any changes that have happened and be able to demonstrate that they can confidently execute and changes, be they musical or visual.

33     If a member wishes to take planned time off during this period, the following will apply.  The member will need to notify their section leader and the Musical Director well in advance so consideration can be given to how this will impact on the rehearsals that they will be absent for.  The member must contact their Section Leader as soon as they have returned to find out if there have been any significant changes.  The member should sit out to listen and watch upon their return and take on board any changes.  The member should be prepared to be re signed off if it is deemed necessary by the Section Leader and/or Musical Director.

For members who wish to take a significant break from Fascinating Rhythm

34     Taking time out from chorus is sometimes necessary and for Fascinating Rhythm, we would rather this happen that to lose a valuable member altogether.  Coming back after a significant break can also be daunting so the following has been put in place to support that process and ensure that you come back into the singing environment as quickly as possible with minimal impact on the chorus.  Members should spend their first few weeks back listening, watching and recording as much as possible.  Speak to the Section Leaders to find out what significant changes have happened.  When you feel confident that you are up to speed, join in and when you are ready, please indicate to your Section Leader so they can have a listen and feedback to you.  This is not as rigorous as the signing off process but a process none the less to bring you back up to speed as quickly as possible.

For members who are absent from chorus for a number of weeks, with or without notice.

35     As laid out in the membership booklet, Fascinating Rhythm expects 90% attendance to rehearsals.  We are a fast paced chorus with changes and improvements happening every week.  It is therefore imperative, as a singing member, that you attend every week where possible.  As a competing and entertainment chorus, we will always be in the process of working towards some kind of event and as tempting as it may be to step back from rehearsals because you are not involved in a particular event, it does have a knock on effect on you as a singing member and on the chorus.  To this end, we would encourage you to keep coming and be involved to keep the continuity going and ensure that you remain fully up to speed with the repertoire.

36     If it is noted that you have missed a number of rehearsals, you will be asked to get signed off again on any of the songs that we have been working on during the weeks that you have been absent for.

 Approved at AGM – 12th January 2012