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A Chorus to suit your event

Fascinating Rhythm can entertain at a variety of different events, from birthday to anniversary parties and weddings, charity fundraisers and other social and corporate events. You can book Fascinating Rhythm as a full show chorus of between 30 and 60 or as a small group of singers, including octets and quartets, to suit the style and venue of your event.

Before booking us, it’s good for you to have a chance to hear us perform. Our Events Organiser, Jan Gallimore will arrange for you to come to one of our performances, or to a Thursday evening rehearsal in Winterbourne.


It’s important we know where the event is taking place so that we can determine the number of singers required to provide the best possible acoustic and visual quality. If you are booking the full show chorus, we need to allow sufficient space to perform as well as sing. Normally two members of the chorus will visit the proposed venue to measure for our staging. We endeavour to adapt our performance to the space available to provide an enjoyable event for everyone.

If you’d like more information, or would like to hear a CD of our performance, contact Jan Gallimore