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Workshop 2019 – Greatest Showman success!

We were so pleased that the snow did not stop play for our learn to sing workshop held on 2nd February. Fortunately the snow stopped falling in time for us to go ahead so the delegates did not miss out on their singing fix.

We welcomed around 70 ladies of all ages (including a Mum and Daughter set which with our FR member (the grandmother) made a 3 generation appearance again)


The delegates worked so hard this year as  it was quite a mammoth song – it was the very famous “This is Me” (from The Greatest Showman) so it was even more of a challenge for those ladies who were given a harmony part and not the lead line (the bit we all know)


The speed at which the song was learnt was amazing…. we even had a run through before lunch! Much cake was consumed, and we again offered merchandise to buy along with the chance of winning a raffle prize.

We were delighted that we now seem to have several ‘regulars’ who come to the workshop each year, and we look forward to welcoming everyone again in 2020!



Here are a few snaps from the day:







The Chorus have again received some great feedback from our guests and we’d like to share some of it with you here:

“The day whizzed by – such fun with lovely people. I’d love to come again”

“An excuse to let go – great to enjoy time with great ladies”

“A great day doing something for myself and being part of something big!”

“Just a nice experience to be with others who enjoy singing and the opportunity of being part of a choir for just a day”

“Find that although it takes me out of my ‘comfort zone’ I have a sense of achievement by the end of the day. It’s just lovely to sing and meet such a fab group of ladies!”

We thank you ladies for coming to share the day with us, it was lovely to welcome you to Fascinating Rhythm and we hope to see you again.

The full chorus of the day!






South West Education Day

Fascinating Rhythm were delighted to be asked to host the Southwest regional education day in June.

LABBS members of thirteen choruses from all corners of the region travelled to join us to work on the current polecat song “Anthem” as well as to catch up with old friends and of course to eat cake!

Our guest educators Monica Funnell (MD of Crystal Chords) and Avalon quartet provided guidance on singing and performance throughout the day. There was even some friendly competition as the group split into two mini choruses for the afternoon in preparation for a sing off.

The day ended with a massed sing from our enormous combined chorus – a fantastic sound which clearly showed the brilliance of barbershop singing in the Southwest!


Workshop certainly shines!

2018 Workshop was the best yet!….

On Saturday 24th February we were excited to welcome 50 delegates to this years workshop.

We were able to showcase a few of our songs, and after the delegates were given a vocal warm up they were split into their voice part for the day. Fascinating Rhythm members then sang the song to them that they were going to learn from page to stage….. and they were delighted to hear ‘Shine’ by Take That, which actually is a 5 part harmony song.

Hard work by every single delegate and we were absolutely amazed that they took on board section work and came together before lunch for a first sing through, which was incredible.

During lunch (and much eating of cake) we were able to chat to our visitors and tell them about our hobby.

Every delegate was invited to gives us some feedback at the end, and below are a few of their comments:

“Such a fun, rewarding day. A lot to learn but a huge sense of achievement at the end of the session. I just love singing”

“Confidence to ‘go for it’! Ton sing with a large, great chorus”  “Fun, friendship, harmony, teamwork (and cake)!” “To do something for me, it was fun and I enjoyed it”

“I found it an incredibly emotional experience to go from being terrified of making a mistake to actually enjoying singing.. and on the front row even! I cant believe how much we learned in one day and I’m going away with a huge sense of achievement. THANK YOU!”

“Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, so much support from all the FR ladies. Lots of laughs and a great MD”


The Baritones

The Basses

The Tenors

The Leads







Delegates & Chorus perform ‘Shine’

















We were really pleased to hear that a few of our visitors intend to come to a normal rehearsal to see us again with an interest in joining us….. and we look forward to welcoming you all..

Fascinating Rhythm had a fabulous day with you all, thank you for joining us, you all certainly did ‘Shine’ and we hope to see you again next year if not sooner!



FR’s Annual Harmony Workshop goes with a swing

Workshop 1We were pleased to welcome nearly 80 delegates to our annual workshop on Saturday, 23rd January,
including many returnees from the past 5 years we’ve been holding this event.  Great to have some of our sister chorus, Cardiff Style, supporting us and alsoWorkshop 2  the ‘Red Hatters’ – lovely ladies from Cotswold Gems who do much charity work around the Gloucester area.  10:00am sharp start with a vocal warm up routine from MD Jo Dean, followed by some singing craft, then off to the first break out Workshop 3session for 3 parts to find they are singing ‘doo’ for half of the song, whilst the Leads captivate us all with the melody.  The seemingly impossible was achieved yet again at 3:30pm – Show Time – when the delegates were up on the risers singingDSC_0134 the day’s song with confidence, smiles and no music; truly page to stage in a day.  Much home-made cake consumed by all (understandably, to keep the energy
levels up) supplied by FR’s 1st class catering team and a good venue with plenty of room made a happy day; great fun and looking forward to next year already.  Added bonus in that some of the delegates will be joining FR shortly.

Workshop 4


Great success at our Learn to Sing Workshop

Full ensemble

Over 100 participants made up the full ensemble

On Saturday, 22 January 2014, we were joined by over 80 female singers at our Learn to Sing Workshop in Thornbury, South Gloucestershire. It was a wonderful day’s singing and we were all put through our paces learning ‘We go together’ from Grease. Once we’d got our tongues around ‘boogety-boogety-boogety-wop-do-wop-do-bop’ and the order in which the ‘shana-na-nas’ followed the ‘ram-a-lam-as’, all our learners joined the FR Chorus on stage for a 120 voice rendition of the song to a very appreciative audience.


Here are just some of the very kind comments we’ve received from delegates:


Fun learning the moves

“I’d like to thank everyone for the lovely day we enjoyed at the workshop last Saturday. Every member of the chorus must have worked extremely hard to make it all run so smoothly and thank you too for your sustained enthusiasm and energy which kept us all going. Particular thanks to Jo (MD) for her encouragement and ability to make it all such fun while at the same time getting us from page to stage. Also for choosing a song with such a magnificent bass line! I’d also like to thank all the basses for helping us newbies to get into shape and particularly Brenda, the section leader,  for her calmness, patience and approachability. I’ve been singing the song to myself ever since and feeling really happy, with a sense of achievement. Thanks so much to you all. When’s the next one??!!”   Mary

Learning the moves

Rehearsal with Choreographer, Wendy

“I really enjoyed the day and want to particularly thank Ali and the other FR tenors who made it such a fun and “no pressure” experience. I would definitely love to come to any more you run!   Also the workshop was run so efficiently and every one of your FR choir was wonderful, getting among us and making us at ease straight away. I was very impressed. Your MD was superb and the breathing techniques in particular I found really helpful.”


Show time

Fascinating Rhythm – thank you so much.  I’ve just about got my breath back from Saturday! I hadn’t really done any singing, (apart from around the house!), since school.  I felt very under-prepared at first and couldn’t get my breathing co-ordinated, but I don’t think I was alone!  It was interesting finding out that I was a bass, always thought that I was ‘somewhere in the middle’, but it was good. I was worried that I wouldn’t get to grips with the lyrics but began to realise that it probably didn’t matter if I got it a bit wrong.  I think I did OK in the end and managed to get a smile on my face!  Thank you and all members of FR for all your hard work, especially Jo and my tutor Brenda, she was great, and made us all feel proud.” Isabel