Fascinating Rhythm Music Team

The dedicated Fascinating Rhythm Music Team work hard under the stewardship of our Musical Director, Jo Thorn.

jo deanJo is always striving for musical excellence and we aim to challenge, encourage, train, support and develop each chorus member in vocal and performance skills. We look for and promote commitment, passion, energy, fellowship and the love of singing to create a sense of pride, belonging, achievement and fulfilment.

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Our Section Leaders

Ali 2Ali Jack (Tenor)  Ali was the founder and first Chorus leader of Fascinating Rhythm. She sings with Gold Medal winning quartet, Havoc. “I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t discover barbershop until 1986, and I started my barbershop ‘career’ singing baritone before moving to the tenors. It didn’t take long for the barbershop ‘bug’ to take over and with four friends, I decided to start our own chorus – Fascinating Rhythm was formed under the name ‘Rainbow’. Time flies by when you are having fun and it’s amazing to think that from only five of us meeting in a small back room at the local pub that our numbers have grown, and are still growing.”

karen mKaren Mellalieu (Lead)  “I joined FR in 1998 – to support a friend who didn’t want to come along on her own. She left a few years later and I’ve been here ever since!  Like many other members of the chorus I’ve been involved with music pretty much constantly since I was young. Throughout my childhood and teens I sang in the school choir and later played in the school orchestra. The orchestra was rubbish but the choir was a good one and sparked my passion for singing harmonies. It’s now my privilege to encourage the ‘Diva’ out of our excellent Lead section.”

Jo-FJo Felstead (Baritone) “I made a New Year Resolution in 2012 to ‘do something musical’ so signed up for one of Fascinating Rhythm’s Harmony Workshop days.  Little did I know that within a few weeks it would lead me to join the baritone section and become involved in Barbershop, let alone to now be heading up the section that ‘sings the notes that nobody else wants’! Being part of the chorus is a great way to share the enjoyment of singing and performing and has re-kindled my love of music; back in the day I was a member of the Wiltshire County Youth Orchestra and now play in Thornbury Orchestra – all thanks to a one-day workshop.

brenda RBrenda Roberts (Bass)“I was never that keen on school but I have one thing for which I am extremely grateful to them for – my love of singing! Having sung Lead & weird & wonderful Baritone, I’m now happily settled in Bass and have thoroughly enjoyed singing this part in a quartet called Dilemma with three friends from FR. I am really proud to be part of such a fantastic chorus.



The team are supported by Wendy Howse (Choreographer and Assistant MD):

wendy“I love singing and performing – it’s the best hobby ever! I fell into Barbershop when I attended an FR Learn to Sing course and have never looked back. As joint-choreographer with Jo, I get to put my dance skills to use and really enjoy seeing the Chorus present themselves expressively and confidently.”

We also enjoy the benefits of various external coaches throughout the year, in particular Sally McLean and Liz Garnett.