Fascinating Rhythm: Committee

Behind the scenes at Fascinating Rhythm, there’s a dedicated team of members who work hard to keep the whole thing running smoothly under the guidance of our Chair, Sharon Marshfield. Click here to contact Sharon

Sharon is supported by:

Vice-chair, Amy Ford

Treasurer, Joan Josey

Secretary, Susie Rees and Sue Stanway Contact Secretary

Membership Secretary, Kitty Davies 

Wardrobe team: Headed by Andrea Tyrrell

Public Relations team: Headed by Hannah Richmond Contact PR

Music team: represented by Jo Thorn

The committee is grateful to be supported by other non-committee represented roles and teams, in particular, our venue co-ordinators and the Show Team who organise our events.

Jan Gallimore is our Bookings Manager Contact for booking enquiries

Nic Page together with Ali Jack organise our stay and everything to do with our annual Convention.

Thanks also goes to each and every one of the Fascinating Rhythm team who fundraise throughout the year for us, from organising raffles and fashion shows to baking cakes and manning bars. It really is a team effort!