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Fascinating Rhythm is an all female a cappella chorus based in Winterbourne, South Gloucestershire. We love singing together in glorious 4-part close harmony and to entertain audiences at all kinds of venues including concerts, social evenings, charity events, festivals and competitions. Our repertoire includes a wide variety of styles including pop songs, ballads, easy beat and traditional barbershop.  If you’d like to book us, join us or just want to know a bit more about us, please click on the ‘Contact Fascinating Rhythm’ link below.

High Note (article from Good Housekeeping, November 2016)
‘Sign up to sing in a choir and you’ll not only reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol, you’ll also boost cytokines, proteins released by the immune system that help fight off illness, according to a Royal College of Music study.  Singing was also identified as one of the top 10 mood boosters in University of Sussex research – better even than shopping!’
Click on the link below if you’d like to give it a go and be part of Fascinating Rhythm.

 Upcoming Events:

Saturday, 2nd December – FR’s Christmas Show!


Saturday, 24th February – Fascinating Rhythm’s Annual Harmony Singing Workshop at the Castle School.  We’re looking forward to meeting past delegates again and welcoming new ladies to this truly amazing day – learning a song from page to stage in glorious 4-part a cappella harmony.  A little later than usual this year – our MD’s pinched the January date for her wedding!

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